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It is our advocacy to provide Christian Education to all of our students at the lowest possible cost. Therefore, our goal is to operate efficiently and economically. Tuition rates are divided into three categories:

  • Constituent Members – Sinai, Good Samaritan, Bethlehem, Eben-Ezer, and Shekinah
  • Non-constituent Members – All Other S.D.A Churches
  • Non Seventh-day Adventists

The difference in rates is due to the financial support that the churches give to the school directly or indirectly through the Southeastern Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. In other words, all discounts are directly or indirectly subsidized.

Our School Fees
  • The application fee is $30.00.
  • A registration fee of $250.00 per student and the first month’s tuition are due at registration.
  • The eighth-grade graduation fee is $250 to be paid at registration.
  • The kindergarten graduation fee is $200 to be paid at registration.
  • All students must also pay a $150.00 book rental fee at registration.
  • Basic tuition is $4,600.00/year (Fee may have changed. Please contact school administration).

However, based on documented needs, many students are the beneficiaries of some level of discount. Please contact the school office for more information.