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Our Pre-Kindergarten program is open for four-year-olds. Your child will explore a variety of adventures and cultures, such as creating simple patterns, doing simple math, singing songs, and more. We understand that children of such age have a natural affinity for language. They begin to think logically and can use language to express their thinking. With their eagerness to explore and learn more about the world, we allow them to immerse in our program that fosters their holistic development as they take the first step in the learning process. Discover how your child can stretch his or her imagination and learn new concepts with confidence at Broward Junior Academy.

Activities focus on:

  • Outdoor and fine arts
  • Vocabulary and language development
  • Literary and math

Do you want us to discuss with you our curriculum and programs in more detail? Just call us to speak with one of our staff. You may also send us a message for your queries, concerns, or suggestions on our Contact Us page.